Michael D. Ramsey

               Professor of Law, University of San Diego Law School

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2012 Presentations

· Making International Agreements in U.S. Law and Practice


Roundtable on the Law of Treaties, Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, MI, September 22, 2012.


· Presidential Power in Foreign Affairs: Examples from the Bush and Obama Administrations


University of California San Diego, Osher Institute lecture, San Diego, Calif., October 16, 2012.


· Human Rights Litigation in State Courts and under State Law


Symposium at U.C. Irvine Law School, conference co-organizer (with Donald Childress and Christopher Whytock) and moderator of panel on federalism issues, Irvine, CA, Mar. 3-4, 2012.


· Comment on Hadley Arkes, Constitutional Illusions and Anchoring Truths


Claremont Institute, Center for the Jurisprudence of Natural Law, Washington, D.C., March 17, 2012.


· Arguments from Custom in International Law


Northwestern University Law School International Law Colloquia series, Chicago, IL, January 14, 2012.

2011 Presentations

· Two Types of Arguments from Custom


Harvard-Duke Workshop on Foreign Relations Law, works-in-progress presentation, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, October 8, 2011.


· International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court


American Society of International Law, Continuing Legal Education Institute “Webinar” (On-line seminar presentation of co-edited book International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court: Continuity and Change (David L. Sloss, Michael D. Ramsey & William S. Dodge, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2011)), July 8, 2011 (co-presented with David Sloss).


Webinar announcement


· The Use of Force in Libya


Stanford Law School, Constitutional Law Center (debate with Professor John Yoo), Stanford, CA, April 22, 2011.


Description/Video at Stanford Constitutional Law Center website


· The (Limited) Future of Corporate Human Rights Liability


Pepperdine Law School, Symposium on “Current and Future Trends in Transnational Litigation” (Panel with Jonathan Drimmer, Dave Wallach, Michael Goldhaber and Professor Chimene Keitner), Malibu, CA, April 21, 2011.


Text of prepared remarks


· The Constitutional Status of International Law: U.S. Perspectives


Monash University Law School, faculty workshop, Melbourne, Australia, March 31, 2011.


· The Constitutional Status of International Law: U.S. Perspectives


University of Melbourne Law School, faculty workshop, Melbourne, Australia, March 29, 2011.


· The Constitutional Status of Customary International Law


Association of American Law Schools, 2011 Annual Meeting: Section on Constitutional Law, Panel Presentation on “The U.S. Constitution in Global Perspective” (Panel with Professors Carlos Vazquez, Stephen Vladeck and Michael Van Alstine), San Francisco, CA, January 6, 2011.




2010 Presentations

· Foreign Official Immunity after Samantar v. Yousuf:  Commentary on Papers by Curtis Bradley & Laurence Helfer, Beth Stephens, and Ingrid Wuerth


American Society of International Law, Interest Group on International Law in Domestic Courts, Annual Works-in-Progress Conference (Joint commentary with Professor Chimene Keitner)


University of Virginia Law School, December 13, 2010


· Supremacy Clause Textualism


New York University Law School, Constitutional Law Colloquium, November 22, 2010.


· Children of Illegal Aliens as Birthright Citizens:  The Original Meaning of “Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof”


University of San Diego Constitution Day Debate:  Birthright Citizenship

(Panel with Professor Michael Rappaport), San Diego, CA, September 17, 2010


Text of Prepared Remarks


· Foreign Investors and Fundamental Rights: Jurisdiction Issues


University of Copenhagen, “Conference: Fundamental Rights and Private Law,” Copenhagen, Denmark, May 31, 2010


Presentation Based on Michael D. Ramsey, International Law Limits on Investor Liability for Human Rights Violations, 50 Harv. Int’l L.J. 271 (2009), available from SSRN


· Copenhagen and the Challenge of Global Law


Chapman University, “Beyond Copenhagen: An International Conference on Climate Change,” Orange, CA, April 23, 2010


Outline of Presentation


· Medellin v. Texas, Non-Self-Execution and the Problem of Delegation to International Institutions


University of Denver Law School, Denver, CO, March 1, 2010


· Comment on Garrett Epps, “The Citizenship Clause: A Legislative History”


University of San Diego Law School, Center on the Study of Constitutional Originalism, Annual Works-in-Progress Conference, San Diego, CA, February 13, 2010.

Recent Presentations (continued)

2013 Presentations

· International Human Rights Litigation in the United States after Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum


University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Centre for the Study of Enterprise Liability, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 7, 2013.


             Paper from SSRN


· Arguments from Custom in International Law


University of San Diego Law School, Center on Law and Philosophy, Conference on Human Rights and International Law Theory, San Diego, CA, May 4, 2013.


             Paper from SSRN


· Arguments from Custom In Constitutional Law


Notre Dame Law School, Roundtable on the Constitution and Unwritten Law, South Bend, IN, March 22, 2013


             Paper from SSRN