Michael D. Ramsey

              Professor of Law, University of San Diego Law School


The Constitution's Text

in Foreign Affairs


Published by: 

Harvard University Press, 2007



The Constitution’s Text in Foreign Affairs is impressive.  Ramsey defies conventional wisdom that the words of the Constitution do not speak to most contemporary foreign relations law problems, showing instead how these words, as originally understood, can provide a nearly complete answer to fundamental modern questions of foreign relations law.  This book is a real contribution to the field.”


  — Jack L. Goldsmith, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School  (from the book jacket)

“Michael Ramsey’s new book is not likely to become a best seller.  The book is probably too scrupulous in its scholarship for those whose interest in these constitutional questions is entangled in political debates of the day.  Professor Ramsey … seems to have no larger agenda than establishing the historical truth, as clearly as he can discern it.  And truth, whatever its ultimate strength, does not always have a large market.


“Two decades from now, however, when partisans have moved on to new claims, and most of today’s big books are relegated to remote library annexes, serious scholars will still be consulting Ramsey.  We are not likely to see The Constitution’s Text displaced any time soon by a more penetrating or exhaustive set of historical inquiries on the subjects it covers.”


  — Jeremy Rabkin, Professor of Law, George Mason University Law School (from a book review in Engage magazine, Vol. 8, Issue 4, p. 152)


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